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The main difference between lime paint and lime wash is the level of viscosity or thickness of the paint. 

JH lime paint is used with aged slaked lime.  This is the ingredient used in lime plaster.  JH ages our authentic slaked lime for at least 3 years.  This is important because lime is the main ingredient to create the mottled texture and dimension on the surfaces.  If the lime is of lower quality the mottling may not be as apparent and the surfaces may not have the distinct glow and luminescence that is found in a high quality mineral lime paint.  

Most of our clients want to lime wash their entire interior space whether it's residential or commercial.  They want to choose a neutral lime wash color and then maybe add some lime wash colors to powder rooms, bedrooms, offices, etc.  

We developed a JH lime wash technique that will add the dimension and texture similar to the aesthetic of a lime plastered space.

The technique is called a JH Tone on Tone for light neutrals.   It is where you take a darker neutral as the base coat and then apply a contrasting lighter neutral on top.
JH Neutrals bring a fresh and elevated aesthetic to any space. The matte velvety lime wash finish with subtle tonal variations is a beautiful choice for your interior spaces.  The gorgeous glow and freshness that Lime Wash Paint brings to your living area is unmatched by traditional paints.
For several years now, some of the most popular interior spaces have featured the natural beauty of lime paint. Perhaps it’s because of its matte tones and earthy quality, or even the subtle movement of its finish that has made this type of wall application ubiquitous amongst rooms created by top designers. But for those of us that are used to just choosing between matte, eggshell, semi-gloss, and gloss, what exactly lime and mineral paints are can be elusive.

Are you ready for something new?  Have you spent too much time in your living room space since March?  Let's change it up in a weekend!

Using Lime Wall Paint brings a unique beauty to your room. It is subtle, soothing and the all-natural ingredients we use brings a freshness to your living space. When applied it creates what we call in the painting world...a mottled effect. This is the textured movement and depth you see that creates the design and style of the wall.
To us paint colors are personal...they are a mood, a season, a personality, an emotion. Color is creativity alive in the soul to express yourself. Whether it's sea moss green in the summer or gold in the autumn, color speaks to us. It may reveal our style at a first glance but when you feel the color in a room it has the ability to awaken our spirit to endless potential. Colors can inspire us!
A hot new trend in home improvement is to lime wash brick. Brick fireplaces, brick walls, exterior brick...basically anything that has brick on it to make it white and clean and bright. Another popular trend is doing a German Shmear.  Both of these techniques can be done beautifully using Lime Wall Paint.