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JH Lime Slurry is a mineral aggregate additive for Lime Wall Paint when a thicker consistency is desired for application by roller, trowel or brush. JH Lime Slurry contains compatible silicates of different grain shape and size in a well-balanced composition.
Are you ready to transform the appearance and atmosphere of your interior or exterior spaces? Lime paint’s soft texture and beautiful matte velvety finish create a unique and romantic old-world feel that will perfectly complement your décor
With its natural properties and eco-friendly ingredients, limewash paint is a traditional paint that has been used in homes around the world for centuries. It is a natural paint made from
Whether you're aiming for a minimalist appearance or want to emphasize texture, limewash paint is the best way to bring life to negative space. Limewash’s paint texture has become a designer favorite due to its remarkable effect and romantic, modern feel.

It’s no secret that usinglime paint can enhance the look and feel of any room. The luminescent tonal variations make it instantly recognizable. Its balance of depth and soft textures make it complement to your space rather than simply blending in.

This is why many interior designers choose lime wash paint for their projects. Read on to learn more about why design experts choose limewash paint texture so you incorporate it into your next renovation.

Limewash paint has become a new favorite among designers and ordinary folks for enhancing living spaces and creating textural finishes like no other. 

Whether you're trying to achieve a plaster aesthetic or a more minimalist look, the effects and natural color variations of limewash paint is remarkable. 

This Project Spotlight features a beautiful home recently published in Architectural Digest. Tanya Stone and Brittny Button of Stone & Button, a design firm specializing in the revival of Spanish-styled homes, designed this gorgeous residence in Palm Springs, California.
This Project Spotlight features a very popular JH design style - boho, modern boho and Scandinavian style.

Dramatic textures in neutrals have always been a JH client favorite which is why we developed the tone on tone application for our light neutrals to increase the mottling and texture by using two different shades.  The result is the highs and lows / tonal variations of two colors.  Many of our clients seeking a boho design choose light neutrals and layer two different Lime Wall Paint shades.
While dramatic texture getting warm moody textures is hot right now so is a clean and light lime paint for textured modern spaces, both residential and commercial, in our subtle JH whites.
A hot new trend in home improvement is to lime wash brick. Brick fireplaces, brick walls, exterior brick...basically anything that has brick on it to make it white and clean and bright. Another popular trend is doing a German Shmear.  Both of these techniques can be done beautifully using Lime Wall Paint.

The main difference between lime paint and lime wash is the level of viscosity or thickness of the paint. 

JH lime paint is used with aged slaked lime.  This is the ingredient used in lime plaster.  JH ages our authentic slaked lime for at least 3 years.  This is important because lime is the main ingredient to create the mottled texture and dimension on the surfaces.  If the lime is of lower quality the mottling may not be as apparent and the surfaces may not have the distinct glow and luminescence that is found in a high quality mineral lime paint.  

Most of our clients want to lime wash their entire interior space whether it's residential or commercial.  They want to choose a neutral lime wash color and then maybe add some lime wash colors to powder rooms, bedrooms, offices, etc.  

We developed a JH lime wash technique that will add the dimension and texture similar to the aesthetic of a lime plastered space.

The technique is called a JH Tone on Tone for light neutrals.   It is where you take a darker neutral as the base coat and then apply a contrasting lighter neutral on top.