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A hot new trend in home improvement is to lime wash brick. Brick fireplaces, brick walls, exterior brick...basically anything that has brick on it to make it white and clean and bright. Another popular trend is doing a German Shmear.  Both of these techniques can be done beautifully using Lime Wall Paint.
Everyone knows about the environmental revolution that has swept our nation for over a decade.  People are growing more aware and interested in how to live an “eco-friendly” life.  In California where we live we have had a serious water shortage for years and have had to reduce our water usage and be more aware of how to prolong our water supply...and now with Covid-19 we want a healthy and hygienic lifestyle more than ever!  
Color is very important in home design.  Did you realize the color of your surroundings play a role in influencing your emotions and mood?  You may notice some rooms and spaces cause frustration where other rooms cause a serene state of mind.  This is called color therapy and is a critical component in designing a space.