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Mineral Prime - Interior + Exterior

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  • Mineral Prime for Interior + Exterior is a ready to use mineral primer suitable for interior and exterior surfaces.  It is designed to adhere well to interior and exterior new and previously painted surfaces as well as difficult to paint surfaces. It provides high quality uniform adhesion and improves the appearance of the finish.  It is non-toxic, non-combustible and naturally mold, mildew, algae, fungus and bacteria resistant.  Mineral Prime is made from mineral ingredients without pesticides or biocides so there are no harmful toxic fumes emitted into your living environment.  Mineral Prime is highly permeable due to its microporous mineral structure and will not blister due to moisture.  As a result, moisture vapor can maintain a natural balance with the environment keeping surfaces dry and ready for the application of natural Lime Wall Paint.  

    Exterior brick, stone, concrete and stucco that has not been painted or sealed does not require Mineral Prime.  Lime Wall Paint goes directly over these porous surfaces.

    One coat of Mineral Prime for Interior + Exterior should be applied to previously painted surfaces.

  • Quarts will cover approximately 75 square feet.

    Gallon coverage rate is approximately 300 square feet.

    3.5 Gallon coverage rate is approximately 1,050 square feet.

    Previously painted surfaces require one coat. New drywall with no previous coats of primer should receive 2 coats of Mineral Prime.

  • What you will need.

    If you are going to lime paint previously painted surfaces you will need the Mineral Prime. Lime Wall Paint is best applied with a large block brush. This application technique helps achieve the soft, mottled appearance especially when it is applied in a random, crisscrossing technique. The various brush strokes will result in tonal variations and help to refract light in various ways enhancing the texture, depth and mottling effects. So you will need Mineral Prime (optional), Lime Wall Paint (see Coverage), Block brush, Mineral Matte Sealer (optional), mixing bucket, painters tape, plastic or drop clothes (for floors), paint roller, stirring stick, spray bottle, paint tray and ladder.

    Prep and Prime.

    Surfaces must be clean and free of dirt, dust and mildew. Dampen all masonry surfaces before painting. For previously painted surfaces we recommend using our Mineral Prime for a consistent appearance and uniform absorption of the lime paint. Apply one to two coats of Mineral Prime using a paint roller. Mineral Prime dries to the touch in 2-4 hours under normal drying conditions. It can be recoated after 4-6 hours. One coat of Mineral Primer is required for previously painted surfaces and two coats for new drywall that has not been previously coated with primer.

    Lime Wall Paint Application.

    Please plan to paint the entire wall at one time. It is essential to keep a wet edge to create the effect and utilize the radiance of the lime. Do not stop in the middle of the wall. You can divide sections by a natural dividing point like a corner. You can cut in as the first step or paint as you go along and “cut in” as you spread the paint. You can start anywhere you want on the wall but be sure to keep the wet edge. You can roll on the first coat but make sure to cross hatch in a random pattern using a block brush for the second coat as you move to each part of the wall. (See Tutorial for visual display.) Stir paint thoroughly. Allow enough dry time so the coats are completely dry before moving to the second coat. Keep in mind the wet mixture is much darker – as it dries it lightens to the desired color.

    Sealer or No Sealer?

    Lime Wall Paint leaves a velvety suede like finish. It cures over time and can be touched up easily with leftover paint. We recommend to leave it natural and not seal it unless you need to have a washable surface or prefer a protective durable sealed finish. If you choose to seal the finish it will darken slightly. Apply one coat of our permeating and protective Mineral Matte Sealer after 7 days of the final coat of Lime Wall Paint. This will allow the paint to cure and create the beautiful dimension and effects.