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Lime Wall Paint Sample Board


Please type in which one COLOR NUMBER you want prepared in the text box above labeled COLOR.  For example you type in "108" in the box above to order a sample board of Lime Wall Paint #108.

Sample boards are made in one or two colors in the JH Color Palette.   

If you would like a layered sample board (see Inspiration photos for examples of this technique in the JH neutrals) please list first coat color number and second coat color number (for example "103 + 101").  

You can order Lime Slurry boards under the layered board.  For slurry boards please indicate the color + if you would like a smooth troweled board, a vertical slurry board or a chunky textured slurry board.  For example "103 smooth troweled" or "108 vertical".

Sample boards are hand painted on an 8X10 piece of 1/8 inch hardboard prepared with 2 coats of Mineral Prime + 2 coats of Lime Wall Paint.  It is applied in a criss cross technique so is a great representation of what the actual texture will look like on your wall.

We do not offer custom color sample boards.

Control samples for specified finishes and projects available upon request.