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Painting Interior Tutorials

How To Use Lime Wash Paint 

When you are lime wash painting, we recommend brushing out both coats for the most mottling and a plaster aesthetic. If you have large areas and are in need of higher production you can use a lime washing roller and apply it in random sections for the first coat.

Another lime wash paint technique is that you can also roll on and back trowel or back brush the first coat. More application instructions for how to paint interior walls with lime wash can be found on the Lime Wall Paint product page.

Lime Wall Paint creates a beautiful matte velvety suede-like finish on your walls. It has the same aesthetic and health benefit as lime-based plaster - yet it is a paint you brush and roll onto your walls.

It is important to understand how to apply Lime Wall Paint to your interior. These videos consist of painting interior tutorials so you can learn how to paint a wall properly.

Here is a wall painting tip to keep in mind – You can apply Lime Wall Paint over existing latex and acrylic paint by applying one coat of Mineral Prime.

This painting interior tutorial video will show you how to apply natural, non-toxic, zero VOC Lime Wall Paint to a wall for textured beauty and unique style with some tips along the way.

The wall in the tutorial has one coat of Mineral Prime + 2 coats of Lime Wall Paint 110.

Get Creative With Lime Wall Paint

Be inspired as JH showcases creativity in the application of Lime Wall Paint and simplicity in comprehending how to paint a room with lime wash paint.

In this house painting tutorial, the walls feature a layered application - first coat Lime Wall Paint 115 undiluted to give a great lime base coat with diluted layers of Lime Wall Paint 105 and Lime Wall Paint 103 for added depth, tonality, and dimension.

Adding layers of different neutral tones is a lime wash paint technique created by JH for increased mottling and textured aesthetic.

The Slurry Effect - Vertical Application

This video will show how to achieve a slurry vertical effect. It’s as simple as a roller and Lime Slurry Smoothing Squeegee. Roll on Mineral Prime + 2 coats of Lime Wall Paint + Lime Slurry and pull down with a Lime Slurry Smoothing Squeegee to create some smooth and rough textures.

The color used in the video is Lime Wall Paint 102 + Lime Slurry.

Smooth Troweled Slurry Tutorial

This video shows the beautiful lime finish when troweling on Lime Wall Paint + Lime Slurry. Jeremy illustrates the simplicity of a roll - trowel system for those new to troweling plaster. Please see the Shop page to purchase the trowel used in the video.

This is just one of many application techniques and effects that can be created with the JH system.

The color used in the video is Lime Wall Paint 103 + Lime Slurry.

Layered Lime Paint Application

This customer tutorial showing how to paint interior walls features the popular JH technique of applying two shades of our lightest neutrals. The tone-on-tone application was developed by JH to add mottling and increased texture in our lightest neutral tones.

In this wall painting tutorial, the wall features one coat of Mineral Prime + first coat Lime Wall Paint 103 undiluted + second coat Lime Wall Paint 101 diluted one part paint with one part water.

How To Paint A Wall With Velvet Wall Paint

This video on how to paint interior walls with textured painting highlights the application technique of Velvet Wall Paint. Velvet Wall Paint is a revolutionary premium natural washable textured interior mineral wall paint.

This wall painting tutorial shows you how to simply roll the first coat and brush the second coat to get a matte velvety aesthetic. Velvet Paint is the first and only paint that is 100% non-toxic and zero VOC handcrafted using natural mineral pigments with best-in-class scrub and water resistance. It is absolutely dead flat with a consistent velvety texture.

The color used in the video is Velvet Wall Paint 178.

How to Paint a Room With Textured Paint 

If you are wondering how to paint a room professionally, these painting interior tutorials will teach everything you need to know.

These painting interior tutorials will help you create the living space of your dreams. Not only will these house painting tutorials inspire you, but they provide wall painting tips and techniques so you can be successful.

Our Lime Wall Paint will add style and a decorative effect to any room. Our Velvet Paint can make a room feel luxurious and moody with a roll and stroke of a brush. Make your home more aesthetically pleasing and beautiful than ever before. Shop our Lime Wall Paint and Velvet Wall Paint today!