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**  More application instructions can be found on the Lime Wall Paint product page.  

Lime Wall Paint creates a beautiful matte velvety suede like finish on your walls.  It has the same aesthetic and health benefit as lime based plaster - yet it is a paint you brush and roll onto your walls. It's easy to apply and can be done DIY style or you can hire your local painting contractor. You can apply it over existing latex and acrylic paint by just priming it first. This is an easy and inexpensive way to upgrade your home and freshen up your style.  

This tutorial video will show you how to apply natural, non-toxic, zero VOC Lime Wall Paint to a wall for textured beauty and unique style with some tips along the way. Our hope is this video can inspire you to find a weekend project and try Lime Wall Paint for an accent wall or room. Once you start using lime paint you will feel the difference in it's natural beauty and the freshness it brings to your living space.

The color used in the video is #9585.  


This video will demonstrate the beautiful finish you can achieve using lime paint over brick. Lime Wall Paint is unique in that it is absorbed into the brick and doesn’t create a film on top of the brick like paint. It leaves a natural contour of the stone.  You can also use Lime Wall Paint to do a German Shmear - again where it penetrates into the brick ~ instead of a topical plastic look ~ creating a gorgeous finish.  We sell a JH Lime Slurry to use as an additive to thicken the lime wash for a thicker textured application where desired.  Please make sure all brick is clean and damp prior to applying lime wash.  

The color used in the video is #9536.