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Luminescent and Radiant Lime Wash Paint

Lime Wall Paint coupled with the natural earthen mineral pigments refracts light in a unique way. The mineral surface breaks up incoming light and refracts it in every direction.  This luminescence across the mineral surface adds character and a glowing effect to every wall. 

Lime Wall Paint is specifically formulated to allow the lime to gently “bloom" creating soft tonal variations which add depth, texture and a velvety suede like effect.  This soothing radiance cannot be duplicated by any acrylic or latex paint.

Hand Crafted and Beautiful Colors

Nothing can compare to the subtle, yet complex colors and finishes of Lime Wall Paint, where every color is hand-made from all natural mineral earth pigments. Unlike other paints on the market, we do not use chemical tints or dyes!  Each order is hand crafted using earth powder pigments.  From the subtle suede-like soothing texture to the way light plays on the surface, your walls will come alive with a gorgeous depth you never thought possible.  We have selected 70 beautiful shades - in vibrant colors to modern tones to earthy hues - that will elevate your living space and create a designer look to every room.

The Sustainability of JH Wall Paints

JH Wall Paints are all mineral based paints that produce unparalleled beauty and designer styled effect to interior and exterior surfaces. The light reflective properties of our paints result in a crisp and bright appearance in all lighting and weather conditions.  Due to the high pH alkalinity inherent in our paints, JH Wall Paints resists fungi, algae and mold growth resulting in a hygienic and natural gorgeous finish.  We use all natural earth pigments to tint our paint as a commitment for all mineral content in our paint collection. All JH Wall Paints are not just zero VOC, they are natural, non-toxic using no chemicals or odors that are synthetic.  All JH Wall Paints and packaging are highly sustainable.  Our paint containers and packaging materials all contain 100% recyclable materials.  We use very low-impact manufacturing processes to reduce the carbon footprint and keep the environment our top priority in the production of our natural mineral paints.