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New Lime Paint Showroom in Laguna Beach

Are you ready to transform the appearance and atmosphere of your interior or exterior spaces? Lime paint’s soft texture and beautiful matte velvety finish create a unique and romantic old-world feel that will perfectly complement your décor.

At JH Wall Paints, we understand that buying paint online can be risky because you never get to see its actual color until it shows up at your door. That’s why we have opened a lime paint showroom to highlight the distinctiveness of our extensive line of lime paints.

Our paint store in Orange County, CA will have a gorgeous showroom of all our lime paint colors so you can find the exact shade you’re looking for. The paint showroom will be located in Laguna Beach, California – which has long been known as an artistic haven.

Limewash vs Paint

Before we dive further into our Laguna Beach paint showroom, it’s important to know the difference between limewash and lime paint. The degree of viscosity and paint thickness is what distinguishes one paint type from another. Lime wash is a lime paint that has been thinned down with water and is only applied once.

For an all-mineral based lime paint, JH uses earth mineral pigments and ages slaked lime for at least three years to produce a beautiful, versatile, and high-quality product.

Why Visit Laguna?

Laguna Beach is committed to advancing art appreciation, improving quality of life, and fostering civic and cultural development all year round. There are numerous committees that not only take care of Laguna's natural beauty but also put art in public spaces so that people can enjoy art wherever they go. They host a variety of events, including art festivals, art galleries, art museums, and so much more!

But Laguna Beach is more than just an artistic community – it's also dedicated to environmental responsibility. An advisory group called the Environmental Sustainability Committee (ESC) advises the City Council on issues involving the environment and sustainability. Laguna is dedicated to protecting the planet and reducing plastic pollution that ends up on streets, parks, and beaches.

It's an area rich in art, culture, and entertainment that you don’t want to miss.

Why Go to Our Paint Showroom in Laguna Beach?

The most effective way to get exactly what you want is to see something in person. At our paint showroom, we will have samples of all 93 of our colors and will stock our top 10 colors so they are available for immediate pick-up and purchase. You can order all 93 of our colors and have them shipped to the showroom for pick-up, directly to the job site, or to your home with free shipping!

If you have questions about how to apply our lime paint, you can ask any of our educated and friendly staff. They can give you recommendations on how much paint to purchase, how many coats to apply, and how to clean lime paint. When you visit our paint showroom, you can speak with employees who are extremely knowledgeable about our products and who will make sure you have the best experience possible.

So the next time you're trying to figure out where to buy lime wash paint, stop by our remarkable lime paint showroom in Laguna Beach to find the perfect lime paint for your room. And don't worry if you can't make it; you can order all of our colors by clicking here!