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Project Spotlight: Modern Spanish-Styled Home Design

This Project Spotlight features a beautiful home recently published in Architectural Digest.

Tanya Stone and Brittny Button of Stone & Button, a design firm specializing in the revival of Spanish-styled homes, designed this gorgeous residence in Palm Springs, California.  They specified JH Lime Wall Paint 107 for all of the interior walls to create a textured backdrop for their beautiful architecture and design.

Enjoy a glimpse into a modern Spanish styled home featuring the beauty of an entire home painted in a JH textured lime neutral.


"Using limewash paint, specifically JH Wall Paints, has truly taken our projects to the next level. The paint quality is unmatched. The desired end result can be customized per space, by either watering down the product or layering it on thick, which is so refreshing, as each space incorporates light so differently. I’ve had so many painters thank me for introducing them to this product and the end result truly speaks for itself. Their customer service is always available, making an interior designers job a bit less stressful. So so happy to have found them."

- Tanya Stone, Stone & Button

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