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Limewash Paint Ideas to Bring Texture to Your Interior or Exterior Walls

Whether you're aiming for a minimalist appearance or want to emphasize texture, limewash paint is the best way to bring life to negative space. Limewash’s paint texture has become a designer favorite due to its remarkable effect and romantic, modern feel.

Limewash paint is made from crushed limestone that has been burned and mixed with water and then colored with natural earth mineral pigments. It is renowned for its richness, texture, and stunning matte finish, which makes it perfect for both interior and exterior walls.

Limewash paint can be applied in a variety of ways to produce a wide range of finishes. Here are 5 creative limewash paint texture ideas to showcase this versatile and beautiful paint around your home.

1. Opt for Neutral Colors 

Warm neutral limewash paint has emerged as a popular modern home design trend. Neutral tones of beige and taupe limewash create a luxurious, natural backdrop that brings coziness and warmth to any room. 

The majority of our clients choose a neutral limewash for their entire interior surface and then may add some lime wash colors to other rooms, like bathrooms or bedrooms. We created a method for light lime wash neutrals that we callJH Tone on Tone. It involves using a darker neutral as the base coat and a lighter neutral in contrast as the top coat to create the same dimension and texture as a lime-plastered space.

2. Be Brave With a Vibrant Color 

If you’re looking for something a little more striking and vibrant, pick a colored limewash for interior walls. From bright pastels to deep rich colors, limewash offers a unique chance to bring color and life into your home.

For instance, shade 154 of our lime paint is the ideal pink hue for a minimalist kitchen or bathroom, while shade 176 of our lime paint creates a deep blood orange backdrop that adds warmth and a sunny aspect to a color scheme. 

3. Make a Statement With a More Textured Finish 

To add the most texture to your interior or exterior walls, apply the second coat of limewash paint in smallcrisscross X patterns with a block brush to create an extra cloudy appearance. 

A common question we get asked is, “can you limewash textured walls?” The answer is yes! Limewash can be used on smooth or textured walls.

4. Go Simple for a Subtle Appearance 

If you don't like the look of the cloudy texture, limewash can still be used to give your room a richer feel by simply applying it up and down. The limewash paint’s texture will still be visible, giving the surface a lovely velvety appearance and lots of depth.

By looking through ourcustomer photos, you can see that some of them chose a more subtle look while still achieving a space with a fantastic atmosphere and real depth of color.

5. Expand Beyond Walls

Limewash paint doesn’t have to be used on just walls; in fact, the material absorbs into porous surfaces, such as wood, brick, and stone. Considerlimewashing exterior brick if you live in a brick home and desire a modern farmhouse look. 

Limewash on brick exteriors provides a non-toxic waterproof seal and a light, breathable layer that makes your exterior glow. The end result is an modern look and an attractive aesthetic appeal.

No matter where you apply limewash paint, it will enhance your interior and exterior space for years to come. 

At JH Wall Paints, our limewash paint is made with the best mature pit lime that has been aged for three years so you can achieve unrivaled dimensions and effects. 

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