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7 Reasons Interior Designers Pick Lime Paint

It’s no secret that using lime paint can enhance the look and feel of any room. The luminescent tonal variations make it instantly recognizable. Its balance of depth and soft textures make it complement to your space rather than simply blending in.

This is why many interior designers choose lime wash paint for their projects. Read on to learn more about why design experts choose limewash paint texture so you incorporate it into your next renovation.

1. Stunning Texture

When interior designers want to create a stunning textured wall, they turn to lime paint. Limewash paint texture differs from traditional paint. Rather than having a glaring sheen, it dries to look soft, suede-like, and luxurious. Its nuanced texture creates a romantic yet modern feel that’s ideal for nearly any space.

Lime Wash vs Venetian Plaster

Of course, there are also other ways to create texture on walls and ceilings with paint. Venetian texture is another popular choice, though it’s traditionally applied with a trowel. JH Wall Paints lime paint is considered a brushed plaster as it can be easily applied with a block brush (you can still use a trowel and burnish it like traditional plaster if you’d like).

When you want to create a luxurious yet soft feel in your interior walls that can be applied with a brush, limewash paint texture and application is unmatched.

2. Eye-Catching Colors

Interior designers love lime wash paint because they’re not limited in their colors. Limewash is naturally white, but there are many natural color variations that can complement your space. Lime paint colors vary from cozy earth tones to more vibrant shades of blue, yellow, and more.

Our Designer Collection is a curated palette of seven beautifully textured neutral paint colors created in collaboration with interior designers. These lime paint colors are perfect for creating a calming space.

3. Easy Application

With a lime-based paint, it’s never been easier to achieve a stunning texture with the stroke of a brush. There are no extra steps in the application process to achieve the look you want. Our lime paint is applied with a large block brush that helps achieve the soft, mottled appearance designers and homeowners love.

4. Eco-Friendly

The last thing interior designers (or homeowners) want to be surrounded by is chemicals and toxins. Our lime paint is made from crushed limestone mixed with water, so it’s non-toxic, chemical-free, zero VOC (volatile organic compounds). Interior designers can feel good about using limewash paint texture.

5. Versatile

Lime paint is also extremely versatile. It can be applied to many different interior and exterior surfaces including drywall, plaster walls, brick or masonry, cement, and stucco.

6. A Natural and Sustainable Look

Current interior design trends are all about being eco-friendly and creating more natural, at-home oases. Interior designers know that using limewash on interior walls can instantly make a room feel more inviting while giving it a natural, warm feel homeowners desire.

Plus, lime wash is fully sustainable. Since it’s not made from synthetic chemicals, this natural paint is ideal for designers who want to be more sustainable.

7. Practical

Finally, we can’t overlook the practicality of lime paint. It’s more than a paint, it can absorb and remove odorous and harmful carbon dioxide from the air in the curing process. And it can protect living spaces by not trapping moisture and humidity inside walls.

Interior designers love to use lime paint for their projects, and so can you. Shop our Designer Collection from JH Wall Paints today.