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Lime Wash Paint Technique for Neutral Colors

lime wash colors

JH Neutrals using Tone on Tone
Lime Wash Technique

Most of our clients want to lime wash their entire interior space whether it's residential or commercial.  They want to choose a neutral lime wash color and then maybe add some lime wash colors to powder rooms, bedrooms, offices, etc.  

We developed a JH lime wash technique that will add the dimension and texture similar to the aesthetic of a lime plastered space.

The technique is called a JH Tone on Tone for light lime wash neutrals.   It is where you take a darker neutral as the base coat and then apply a contrasting lighter neutral on top.  

Let's look at some beautiful tone on tone applications using this JH lime wash technique.

This Pennsylvania home features 102 as the base coat with 9536 on top as second coat.

One of our most popular Tone on Tones is in this Joshua Tree AirBnb.  This customer brushed on 2 coats of 9536 first then one coat of 9870.

This pretty Los Angeles kitchen features 9536 and 9870.

This gorgeous bathroom features 9536 and 9398.

When doing a JH Tone on Tone please be sure to let each coat dry completely overnight so the colors do not blend together.  After the first coat of lime wash is applied, wait at least 12 hours to apply the lighter color.  This will create a beautiful mottled lime wash effect.

Please keep in mind the more of a contrast of the two neutrals the more texture and mottling you will see.


Both of these beautiful modern spaces features 32 as the first coat and 9870 on top.

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