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The Beauty of JH Neutrals

The Beauty of JH Neutrals

JH Lime Wall Paint Neutrals bring a fresh and elevated aesthetic to any space.  The matte velvety finish with subtle tonal variations is a great choice for your home.

Many of our customers want a very subtle neutral lime wash color for their interior spaces and choose one of our two most popular colors - 101 and 103.  

101 is a beautiful pure white on the cool side with grey undertones.  
103 is the perfect off white!


Color #101
East Hampton, NY


Color #103 
Brooklyn, NY


Color #105
Laguna Beach, California


JH Neutral Lime Wall Paint #114 is a creamy warm lime wash color - a gorgeous cream!  This application was done rolling on the first coat and brushing the second coat in a criss cross X pattern.

If you want a lot of mottling in a JH Neutral our recommendation is to either roll the first coat of lime wash in small random roller patterns - or - brush on both coats of Lime Wall Paint.


Color #102 - first coat 
In Process in Tulsa, Oklahoma


We recently introduced 102 onto our palette which is a warm white but still bright and organic.

Keep in mind with neutrals the mottling is more subtle so the smaller your brush strokes the better.  Many customers have had wonderful mottled lime wash results using a brush stroke the size of their stretched out hand from pinky to thumb.  This is a great technique to use if multiple people will be brushing.  Get your pattern size consistent and start lime washing!  A client in Oklahoma recruited her friends to paint her entire new build with this technique and pattern size with beautiful results.  They used new color 102.  


Colors 103 and 101
Joshua Tree, California


A popular technique in neutrals to achieve greater mottling is to do a tone on tone application.  For this you apply the first lime wash coat in one neutral and the second coat in another neutral.  Then if you choose to do a third coat you can do one of the two to lighten or darken it up.  Typically the darker of the two colors goes first but you can experiment in your space.

The picture above features two coats of 103 with the top layer in 101.

We hope you enjoy our JH Neutrals!!