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Weekend Vibes...let's talk lime wash accent walls!!

Using Lime Wall Paint brings a unique beauty to your room. It is subtle, soothing and the all-natural ingredients we use brings a freshness to your living space. When applied it creates what we call in the painting world...a mottled effect. This is the textured movement and depth you see that creates the design and style of the wall.

How about starting with an accent wall to begin on your limewash paint journey? Choose a wall in your home in the living or dining or family room space that is prominent and select a color from our 76 lime wash shades and get started.

Our tutorial will walk you through everything you need to know to get started using lime wash paint and gives you step by step instructions once your lime paint arrives (did I mention we have free shipping?!!) and you begin your project.

Let's Get Started - Choose a Color!