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The Color Therapy of Paint Colors

There is something magical about a new color of paint on your walls. It changes the essence of where you live - it brings a fresh mindset, updated style and new perspective. We believe color therapy is important to consider as you choose paint colors. While white walls can be modern, stylish and sleek, mixing in a colorful accent wall may be fun and adventurous. Some like the more traditional angle where every room is colored to fit the setting - more grand colors in dining rooms, calming colors in the bedroom, energetic colors in the office. Let's take a look at what colors mean.

To us paint colors are personal...they are a mood, a season, a personality, an emotion. Color is creativity alive in the soul to express yourself. Whether it's sea moss green in the summer or gold in the autumn, color speaks to us. It may reveal our style at a first glance but when you feel the color in a room it has the ability to awaken our spirit to endless potential. Colors can inspire us!

Here are some emotions that color experts have said represent colors:

Red: Intense, energetic
Orange: Success
Yellow: Optimistic, cheerful
Green: Restful, Easy on eye to process, Nature
Blue: Trust, security, peaceful, wisdom
Purple: Royalty, luxury, calming, mysterious
Black: Powerful, sophisticated
White: Clean, positive, fresh, modern, youthful

If you want to be creative, try purple which is the combination of red, which promotes stimulation and energy, and blue which denotes serenity. Purple may be a great choice for a home office.

If you are trying to create a peaceful and calming space, try integrating green and blue. Blue is great for high traffic rooms where you will spend a lot of time. Green is considered a restful color and great for your bedroom. Orange and yellow are known to stimulate appetite. These shades are a great choice for the kitchen where people are happy and gather to eat.

Lime Wash Paint Color #173

Lime Wash Paint Color #138

As you will notice we have not named our lime wash paints using descriptive words. Instead we use numbers. We want the color to speak to you and evoke an emotion instead of subconsciously giving you any ideas. Jeremy learned how to paint from his dad and together they found the perfect beige which was “1015”. They would combine colors by number. This remains an important way for us to spark your curiosity and creativity using color. We hope you enjoy choosing lime wash paint numbers instead of names. In doing so maybe you can name your favorite color ~ or like Jeremy and his dad, find the perfect shade and refer to it by number.

Did you know??
Did you see a color you liked at your local hardware store but want the textured beauty and movement that can be found in Lime Wash Paint? We offer free color matching to most national paint brand colors using our natural earth pigments.


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