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5 Ways to Change your Living Room in a Weekend!!

Are you ready for something new?  Have you spent too much time in your living room space since March?  Let's change it up in a weekend!

1.  Lime Wash Paint !  The easiest and most economical way to make a huge impact in design is to change the color of the walls or refresh to something brighter.  With a gallon of primer (for previously painted walls) and a gallon or two of lime wash paint you can create a beautiful newly designed space.

2.  Move the Furniture !  The TV is against the wall because it’s always been that way? The couch is facing the wall because that’s how it’s always been? Well it’s time to change old habits and style something new!

Make it a completely different atmosphere by just changing, swapping and moving things around. Try putting the couch where the TV is and vice versa. Try facing the window instead of being against it. Try switching the two couches around and see how it negotiates space differently.

Lime Wall Paint #151

3. Clean off your coffee table ! Remove everything that is on and under your coffee table and instead add beautiful candles or books as a centerpiece. Feel the peace this brings you instead of looking at the clutter. 

4. Swap pillow cases ! You might not even have to buy new pillow cases. Simply switch pillows from another room to the living room or make a new one with old material you have in your closet.

Lime Wash #114Lime Wall Paint #105

5.  Get Green !  Along with the natural & textured lime wash painted walls that are anti-bacterial, anti-mold and hygienic, buy a new plant.  It brings new life to your space and it is also good for the interior air quality.  You will breathe easier and love the fresh feeling of a well styled and healthy living room.