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Lime Slurry

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JH Lime Slurry is a mineral filling additive for JH Lime Wall Paint when a thicker consistency is desired for application by roller, trowel or brush.  JH Lime Slurry contains compatible silicates of different grain shape and size in a well-balanced composition.

It is added to Lime Wall Paint to thicken the mixture. This mixture may be used to adjust or minimize differences in texture of the substrate or to create various decorative texture effects.   JH Lime Slurry may be used for interior or exterior projects. 

A good starting point is 2 parts lime wash with 1 part slurry.  You can always add in more slurry.  If you have added too much slurry you can always add more lime wash and/or water to get your preferred consistency.  

For application tools please see our Block Brush, Lime Wall Trowel and our Lime Slurry Smoothing Squeegee on the Shop page.