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Matte Lime Wash Sealer for Paint

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Sealer or No Sealer?

Limewash Paint leaves a velvety suede- like finish and provides a beautiful low-maintenance color. It cures over time and can be touched up easily with leftover paint. We recommend leaving it natural and not sealing it unless you prefer a protective durable matte sealed finish. If you choose to use a matte finish sealer, it may darken very slightly. 

Apply two coats of our protective Matte Lime Wash Sealer for optimal results after 7-10 days of the final coat of Lime Wall Paint.  The sealer can take up to 14-28 days to develop its full cure.  Weather, temperature and humidity conditions can affect the overall cure time. Cold weather and high humidity slow down the cure time.  Do not subject surface to excessive moisture, household chemicals, food, oils, etc. during the curing process.

Matte Lime Wash Sealer is a 100% matte acrylic sealer that leaves a clear finish, is non-yellowing, and provides a protective topcoat with excellent clarity and extremely low sheen. The Lime Paint sealer is water-based and resists water, abrasion, household grime, stains and is easy to apply by roller. This matte paint sealant provides extra durability to sensitive coatings in areas that will receive added traffic or moisture such as bathrooms, kitchens, hallways, etc.

Lime Wall Paint is not recommended in showers.


250-300 square feet per Gallon



Before applying the Lime Wash sealer, the surface must be sound, dry, free from any dirt, grease, loose particles, and contamination that will resist penetration and adhesion.

Matte Lime Wash Sealer Application:

Gently stir the liquid matte paint sealant by hand before use. Do not use a drill/paddle and do not "whip" air into the Matte Sealer. It is important to stir the matte paint sealer into a homogenous mixture and incorporate all of the fillers at the bottom of the can before use. 

When applying you can thin the matte wall sealer with up to 20% of water prior to use. Provide appropriate protection for surfaces that are not to be coated (e.g. glass, natural stone, ceramics etc.).

We recommend testing the Lime Wash sealer on an inconspicuous area after 7-10 days to ensure the surface is fully cured ~ especially for darker colors. Apply with a 1/2 inch or 3/8 inch roller in a thin layer keeping a wet edge and using a uniform pattern to completely cover the surface. Seal from corner to corner and do not stop in the middle of an area. 

Pre- wet roller nap cover prior to matte sealer application, and be sure the roller cover is free of lint or any foreign matter that could get into the clear matte finish sealer. Avoid runs, sags, and drips by applying multiple thin layers of the Lime Paint sealer instead of a heavy layer. 

Recoat time is 12 hours depending on temperature and humidity. Repeat applying Lime Wash sealer layers until the surface is well sealed. Depending on porosity, this may take a few layers.