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Lime Wall Paint Gallon

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Luminescent. Depth. Healthy. Hygienic. Soothing. Subtle.

Lime Wall Paint is a unique lime paint blended with natural mineral pigments delivering a gorgeous designer mineral matte finish. Our paint is developed with slaked lime that has been crushed, burned and mixed with water to make a lime putty. The putty is then aged for several years and thinned with water to make our beautiful paint. To tint the lime paint we use natural earth pigments. The result is a radiant, luminescent hand crafted finish that cannot be duplicated by any acrylic or latex paint. It is specifically formulated to allow the lime to gently “bloom" creating soft tonal variations which add depth, texture and a matte velvety suede like effect.

Lime Wall Paint can be applied directed over any porous unsealed and unpainted surface such as interior and exterior plaster, stucco, stone, slate, concrete, etc.

Lime Wall Paint can be applied to interior and exterior previously painted surfaces or new drywall by using Mineral Prime.

Lime wash is a beautiful finish for wood and stone. Unlike traditional paint our lime wash absorbs into the wood and creates a natural contour of the stone. It will not chip or peel because it is not a topical film forming finish. There is no latex shine since our lime wash is a matte finish that calcifies into the masonry.

Lime Wall Paint can also be used as a lime wash on interior raw unsealed wood. A popular method of white washing wood is done by diluting our lime paint in a 1:3 mixture (1 part paint to 3 parts water).

Luminescent and Radiant

Lime Wall Paint coupled with the natural earthen mineral pigments refracts light in a unique way. The mineral surface breaks up incoming light and refracts it in every direction. This luminescence across the mineral surface adds character and a glowing effect to every wall.

Healthy and Hygienic

Lime Wall Paint is eco-friendly as it contains only naturally occurring ingredients from the earth. As a natural mineral finish, Lime Wall Paint is a non-toxic, zero VOC (volatile organic compounds) paint with no synthetic chemicals or fillers. When applied it absorbs and removes odorous and harmful carbon dioxide from the air in the curing process thus improving interior air quality. This highly breathable paint protects your living space by not trapping moisture and humidity inside walls. Due to the alkaline pH of Lime Wall Paint the surface is also hygienic and is resistant to mold and bacteria.

Hand Crafted and Beautiful Colors

Nothing can compare to the subtle, yet complex colors and finishes of Lime Wall Paint, where every color is hand-made from scratch using earth mineral pigments. From the subtle suede-like soothing texture to the way light plays on the surface, your walls will come alive with a gorgeous depth you never thought possible. The beautiful shades we have selected will elevate your living space and create a designer look to every room.

Ideal for interior or exterior surfaces, Lime Wall Paint can be applied to drywall, plaster, stucco, masonry, wood and previously painted surfaces.


Gallon coverage rate over primed drywall is approximately 300-350 square feet for one coat. Depending on substrate porosity and absorption rate coverage rate over porous surfaces such as brick and concrete is 150-175 square feet for one coat.

3.5 Gallon coverage rate over primed drywall is approximately 1,050 - 1,225 square feet. Depending on substrate porosity and absorption rate coverage rate over porous surfaces such as brick and concrete is 525-625 square feet for one coat.

Two coats are recommended to achieve desirable depth, softness, glow and mottled effect and to provide adequate protection outdoors.

If you are doing a feature wall that is 10X12 which is 120 square feet of wall space, you will need 240 square feet coverage for two coats so you would buy a gallon and store the leftovers for any refresh or touchups.

If your room wall square footage is 600 square feet you will need 1,200 square feet of lime wash paint for two coats so you would buy a 3.5 gallon.


What you will need.
If you are going to lime paint new drywall or previously painted surfaces you will need our Mineral Prime.

Lime Wall Paint is best applied with a large block brush. This application technique helps achieve the soft, mottled appearance especially when it is applied in a random, crisscrossing technique. The various brush strokes will result in tonal variations and help to refract light in various ways enhancing the texture, depth and mottling effects.

So you will need Mineral Prime (for new drywall and previously painted surfaces), Lime Wall Paint (see Coverage), block brush, mixing bucket, painters tape, plastic or drop clothes (for floors), paint roller, stirring stick, spray bottle, paint tray and ladder.

Prep and Prime.
Surfaces must be clean and free of dirt, dust and mildew. Dampen all masonry surfaces before painting. For new drywall or previously painted surfaces you will need to use our Mineral Prime. It creates a micro porous surface for lime paint and forms a consistent appearance with uniform absorption of the lime paint. Mineral Prime was designed specifically for use with our lime wash paint. Apply one to two coats of Mineral Prime using a paint roller. You apply the primer in a traditional method of vertical application using a roller. Lime Wall Paint can be applied after a minimum of 6 hours, ideally overnight. One coat of Mineral Prime is required for previously painted surfaces and two coats for new drywall that has not been previously coated with primer. After priming make sure to wash all tools thoroughly before applying Lime Wall Paint.

For exterior lime washing, pressure washing is recommended and the substrate must be free of any contamination, dirt or previous seal coatings. You will need one coat of Mineral Prime for Interior + Exterior for previously painted exterior surfaces. Any horizontal surfaces will weather more rapidly than vertical surfaces. It is not recommended for horizontal surfaces that are in high traffic areas and exposed to continuous moisture. Do not apply if rain is expected within a 48 hour period or temperatures will drop below 32 degrees for 8 hours after application.

Lime Wall Paint Application.

Lime Wall Paint is a creamy and full bodied ready to use lime paint which gives the applicator optimal versatility for desired finish and effect. Our preference is toapply it with a block brush straight (no dilution with water) to the wall as the base coat and then dilute the second layer with some water - 1:1 (one part paint to one part water). We recommend this technique especially for neutrals and tone on tone applications where you apply a darker base coat and a contrasting lighter color on top.Test the dilution and choose the viscosity or thickness you prefer per coat.Adding more water does not change the color of the lime wash.

Please plan to paint the entire wall at one time. Stir paint thoroughly - as you stir the lime wash paint it becomes creamy. It is essential to keep a wet edge to create the effect and utilize the radiance of the lime. Do not stop in the middle of the wall. You can divide sections by a natural dividing point like a corner. It is best to “cut in” as you spread the lime wash across the wall. You can start anywhere you want on the wall but be sure to keep a wet edge. You can spritz the wall with water if the area dries to keep a wet edge.

We recommend brushing out both coats for the most mottling and a plaster aesthetic. If you have large areas and in need of higher production you can use a roller and apply in random sections for the first coat. (You can also roll on and back trowel the first coat.)Please make sure to apply the second coat in small criss cross X pattern with a block brush. (Refer to the Tutorial videos for visual display and thorough step by step instructions.)

Allow enough dry time so the coats are completely dry before moving to the second coat. We suggest waiting 12 hours for the first coat to dry before moving to the second coat.

Keep in mind the wet mixture is much darker – as it dries it lightens to the desired color.

After you complete two coats lightly spritz the painted area a few times. This will help to increase the tonal variations. Please be careful to not get water streaks....a light mist with a spray bottle or garden mister is highly recommended to accelerate the curing of the product.

Sealer or No Sealer?
Lime Wall Paint leaves a matte velvety suede like finish. It cures over time and can be touched up easily with leftover paint. We recommend to leave it natural and not seal it unless you need to have a protective durable sealed finish. If you choose to seal the finish it will darken very slightly. Apply one coat of our protective Matte Wall Sealer after 7 days of the final coat of Lime Wall Paint. This will allow the paint to cure and create the beautiful dimension and effects.

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