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What is Lime Paint?

lime paint

Lime Paint by JH is a unique blend of minerals and lime that create a matte velvety finish with tonal variations and mottling.  Mottling is the term for the texture and dimension you see on the wall.  Lime paint is made from the same ingredients as lime plaster but water is added to get a viscosity where you can spray, roll and brush it onto the surface. 

JH Lime Paint is made from slaked lime that has been aged for over 3 years.  It is the highest quality of premium lime.  Along with lime, minerals and non synthetic binders are added.  There is nothing synthetic in JH Lime Paint.  We make our lime paint creamy so the customer can add water to create a lime wash to the desired thickness and viscosity they prefer.  JH lime paint gives the applicator full control of the finish they want to create using lime paint.  Some people choose to brush on the lime paint straight without diluting the lime paint. 

Other customers take the lime paint and add 1/2 or 1 part water to 1 part lime paint to create a lime wash.  We sell our lime paint creamy and full body filled with premium lime and tinted using earth powder pigments for a true mineral lime paint.  There are no chemicals or universal tints in our lime paint.  Similar to lime plaster, lime paint creates texture and dimension with soft color variations yet it is brushed on.  Brushing lime paint onto the surfaces disperses the lime and creates a bloom. 

This bloom of lime paint is what enhances the luminescence and mottling.  Lime paint can be used directly over porous surfaces such as plaster, stucco, brick, stone, etc.  Lime paint can be used over JH Mineral Prime for new drywall and previously painted interior and exterior surfaces.  Lime paint is an amazing way to upgrade your space simply by using a brush and roller.  Lime paint is a fun DIY project since it is so easy to apply.  Grab a gallon of lime paint today and transform your space into a designer’s dream!