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Lime Washing Brick on Interior and Exterior Surfaces

A hot new trend in home improvement is to lime wash brick.  Brick fireplaces, brick walls, exterior brick...basically anything that has brick on it to make it white and clean and bright.  Another popular trend is doing a German Shmear.  Both of these can be done beautifully using our Lime Wall Paint.  

Let's see some examples...

modern brick lime wash, lime wash exterior brick, lime paint brick

To lime wash you simply thin down our Lime Wall Paint and spread on.  The reason our lime paint is the best way to paint brick is because it penetrates into the brick and masonry and doesn't create a plastic looking topical film which acrylic paints would do.  Lime Wall Paint is natural and literally soaks into the brick.  The finished brick can fit many different styles from mid century modern, farmhouse, traditional or ultra modern.  It is an extremely inexpensive way to completely change the look of brick and the entire living or exterior space.

For a tutorial of how to apply our paint to brick, please visit our tutorial page and Jeremy will explain the process.

Happy Lime Wall Painting your brick today!  

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