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Lime Washing Brick on Interior and Exterior Surfaces

A hot new trend in design improvement is to lime wash brick.

Brick fireplaces, brick walls, exterior brick...basically anything that has brick on it is a great porous surface for limewash paint. Another popular trend is doing a German Shmear using our Lime Slurry. Both of these can be done beautifully using our Lime Wall Paint.

Let's see a 'before and after' exterior project to see the beautiful aesthetic impact lime washed brick can make to your home!

Before --

After -- 

This porch was also lime washed in Lime Wall Paint.  You can lime wash unsealed and unpainted brick, slate, stone or any porous surface without any primer.  

If the interior or exterior surfaces have been sealed or painted you can use our Mineral Primer for Interior + Exterior to prime the surface and then lime wash it.

 To lime wash you simply thin down our Lime Wall Paint and spread on.  Interiors are usually brushed on and exterior homes can be brushed, rolled or sprayed on.  You can start with a 1:1 mixture of our Lime Wall Paint (one part lime wash to one part water).  Dampen the brick prior to applying lime wash to control the suction meaning the rate of absorption.  Do a test section.  To have partial coverage you can wash off some lime wash paint with a hose or spray bottle to expose the underneath brick if that is the look you want.  Lime Wall Paint is reversible which means you have about 6 hours to take some off before it fully cures into the brick. We recommend removing the lime wash to expose the brick immediately after it is lime washed.

The reason our lime wash paint is the best way to paint brick is because it penetrates into the brick and masonry and doesn't create a plastic looking topical film which acrylic paints do.  No latex shine!  Lime Wall Paint is natural and literally soaks into the brick and leaves a natural contour of the brick. Because our lime wash is mineral based and is free of acrylic and synthetic additives the lime washed brick will not fade, peel or crack.  The finished brick can fit many different styles from mid century modern, farmhouse, traditional, or ultra modern. It is an extremely inexpensive way to completely change the look of brick and the entire living or exterior space.

Brick can also be done in a tone on tone fashion using a light grey and white as seen below in the middle photo.  The possibilities are endless!

For a tutorial of how to apply our lime wash to brick, please visit our tutorial page and we will explain the process.