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Frequently Asked Questions

Simply put - aesthetic and health!

Our lime paint is all-natural and completely eco-friendly. As a mineral finish, Lime Wall Paint is a non-toxic, chemical free, zero VOC (volatile organic compounds) paint. When applied it absorbs and removes odorous and harmful carbon dioxide from the air in the curing process thus improving interior air quality. This highly breathable paint protects your living space by not trapping moisture and humidity inside walls. Due to the alkaline pH of Lime Wall Paint the surface is also hygienic and is resistant to mold and bacteria. Acrylic and latex paints are filled with harsh chemicals and odors and outgas fumes and toxins into your environment for years. 


A lime paint finish is also very different from traditional paint - Lime Wall Paint has a luminescent quality that makes it a soft, subtle, velvety, suede-like and luxurious. It has mottling and soft tonal variations and depth which makes it a truly unique and beautiful finish for walls, wood and porous surfaces.

Refreshing lime paint is simple. For interiors, simply remove any dust or dirt and refinish with another coat of Lime Wall Paint. On the exterior, surfaces should be washed and rinsed to remove dirt, dust and biologic growth. Allow the surface to dry and refinish with another coat of lime paint.

Our lime paint can be applied to many different interior and exterior surfaces including drywall, plaster, brick or masonry, cement and stucco. It will go directly over porous surfaces and require JH Mineral Prime over drywall or previously painted surfaces. Our paint is typically not suggested for use on exterior wood or metal but can be used on interior woodwork and trim if a flat matte sheen or lime wash is desired. 

Our lime paint is applied with a large block brush. Brushing lime paint helps achieve the soft, mottled appearance especially when it is applied in a random, crisscrossing technique. The various brush strokes will result in tonal variations and help to refract light in various ways enhancing the texture and dimension of the finish. Please visit our Tutorial page for a how to paint a wall using Lime Wall Paint instructional video.

No, our mineral matte flat sheen is the only option in Lime Wall Paint which gives it such inherent character and charm.  

To get more of a sheen and plastered effect you can burnish our lime paint using a 1,000 grit sand paper or sanding sponge.  

Lime Wall Paint contains no VOC’s and has no harmful ingredients or synthetic additives. It is virtually odor-free and does not “off-gas” after it has dried. Only water evaporates from the wet paint surface. It is completely safe to use in occupied areas and around those with chemical or allergy sensitivities. It will not burn or contribute fuel or noxious smoke in case of fire. Our lime paint contains no asthma triggers.

We offer free color matching to most national paint brand colors (for example we match Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams colors) or we can custom match a color sample that you send in. Every batch is hand-crafted and our color matching experts are fully trained in color theory and understand the make-up of each of our paint qualities. For all color matching orders please send an email with your order and shipping address to support@jhwallpaints.com. We will then send you an invoice to complete.  

Because we do small batches using natural earth mineral pigments as a colorant a quart size is the smallest we offer. With our wide range of over 72 colors we hope you can find one or two to try if you feel the need to sample. Because of the subtle matte flat finish which is unlike traditional acrylic paint you really can’t get it wrong. And you can always use it somewhere else cause once you start lime paint you can’t stop.   

Each order of paint is hand crafted by batch from scratch.  The selected earth mineral pigment color is ground into each batch of paint by our color technicians.  This unique and customized process usually takes 5 business days and then ships via Fedex Ground which usually will take anywhere from 2-4 days.  If you need expedited shipping please contact us and we can give you a shipping quote for Fedex Overnight. For large orders please contact us if you have a specific deadline to meet.  

We make every effort to ensure our high quality standards are met with each order while committing to shipping as soon as we can!  We promise it will be worth the wait when you see the beautiful hand crafted paint arrive to your doorstep.

Due to our batch production, each order is customized and colored naturally using earth mineral pigments, therefore cannot be refunded or exchanged.Once the product has been made no adjustments can be made to the quantities or colors ordered.  

Yes we do!  

For a custom quote to ship to your country please email support@jhwallpaints.com.