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What is Lime Wash?



Lime wash is a finish that is used to create a transparent matte finish with a textured appearance. It is a very thin paint thus the term “wash”. It is lime paint that has been thinned down to create a washed effect. Some clients like a thin lime wash thus they thin down JH lime paint to create a wash. The more water you add to lime paint the more of a transparent lime wash you get. These can be used as great layers over lime paint.

Lime paint is a creamier full bodied paint and lime wash is the thinned down version of it. Full bodied lime paint is a great first coat as a base and then you add more water to lime paint to create more transparent lime wash layers to add more dimension and texture. Lime wash is a popular term that can mean white wash which is well know over brick. Lime paint is usually thinned to a lime wash over brick and done in two thin coats.

The same can be done with lime wash over wood. You use thinner coats of lime wash over raw wood for a translucent finish. Lime painted wood can be fully opaque as well. JH lime paint is very versatile in that it can be applied full strength with multiple thin lime wash layers over it. One part JH lime paint to one part water is a good starting point for a lime wash. The more additional water you add the more of a thin lime wash it creates. Get creative with lime wash!