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Mineral Wall Stain

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Mineral Wall Stain is a unique ready-to-use pigmented mineral stain designed for creative wall finishes with endless possibilities. There is nothing on the market today that allows you to add so much dimension and luminescent effect over natural mineral paints. Mineral Wall Stain is specifically designed for added depth and movement on your walls. It enhances the inherent mottling and blooming in our mineral based Lime Wall Paint. With the hand selected colors available in Mineral Wall Stain, it adds another layer of texture to your walls. For an ideal mineral wall stain effect, walls should be prepared with two base coats of Lime Wall Paint.


Approximately 150-300 square feet per quart on mineral and lime painted surfaces. Coverage rate varies based on substrate and application technique.

Gallons will cover approximately 600 - 1200 square feet. Coverage rate varies based on substrate and application technique.


Mineral Wall Stain Application.
Use this product to add depth and dimension to your Lime Wall Painted walls by creatively applying the stain to the walls in a cross hatch random pattern or vertically for a gorgeous strai pattern. You will be able to see how much effect you want as you go along the wall and see if you prefer a subtle or more bold appearance.

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