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Mineral Stain

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Mineral Stain is an all-natural mineral matte stain concentrate. It is a unique ready-to-use pigmented mineral stain designed for creative finishes with endless possibilities.

Mineral Stain can be used over any interior and exterior unsealed porous surface including raw wood, stone, concrete, stucco, plaster and masonry.  Mineral Stain allows you to get deep and vibrant shades that are lightfast and resistant to weathering.  

Mineral Stain is an opaque matte stain using a high concentration of earth powder pigments.  

For a more translucent finish add Mineral Stain Dilution to the Mineral Stain. Ranging from opaque to translucent, this system of Mineral Stain and Mineral Stain Dilution puts you in creative charge of the level of translucency you wish to achieve.  

** Due to the highly concentrated formula we suggest adding equal parts of Mineral Stain Dilution for a beautiful opaque finish.  We have found one part Mineral Stain to 4 parts Mineral Stain Dilution makes a gorgeous translucent finish.  Mineral Stain Dilution can be found on the Size drop down under each color (click Shop Colors).


Approximately 150-300 square feet per quart. Coverage rate varies based on substrate and application technique.

Gallons will cover approximately 600 - 1200 square feet. Coverage rate varies based on substrate and application technique.


Mineral Stain Application.
To stain porous surfaces such as raw wood or masonry, you apply the stain as desired. To create a translucent stain simply add Mineral Stain Dilution to the Mineral Stain. This mixture can range from heavily opaque to translucent depending on how much dilution you add to the Mineral Stain. Test out a section and add dilution until desired translucency is achieved.  

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