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Interior Paint

One of the easiest and best ways to update your interior is to apply paint.  Lime Wall Paint is a unique lime wash paint that creates a gorgeous interior matte velvety finish onto your walls and over raw wood and masonry including brick. There are many reasons to choose Lime Wall Paint for your interior paint projects.  

Do you ever get headaches or grow dizzy from the smell and odors of traditional paint?  Did you know that latex and acrylic paints emit chemicals into your home and living environment for months after you apply the paint?  This is called outgassing.  The synthetic ingredients in paint usually cause some reaction in people that ingest the fumes.  You can always open up a can of acrylic paint and smell heavy odors.  To me, that is the different between synthetic paint and lime wash paint – it’s all in the smell….and the distinct aesthetic appeal that is created by lime wash.  Lime Wall Paint creates a matte velvety finish onto the surface that results in a designer look.  Lime Wall Paint is brush and roll just like traditional paint yet you receive the health benefit as well as the upgraded look and feel in your living space.

Lime Wall Paint uses natural ingredients that breath life into your home by the absence of chemicals and synthetic fillers and additives.  Lime wash creates a luminescent finish with subtle tonal variations that cannot be duplicated with traditional paints.  

Lime Wall Paint comes in an array of 70 beautiful colors using earth mineral pigments to tint the paint.  The result is a beautiful finish that is easy to apply and soothing to live in.