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Client Tutorial using JH Tone on Tone
 Lime Wash Technique

Join our clients Marcus and Coco as they transform their living room into a texture lover's dream!  They chose to do a tone on tone application to get a plaster aesthetic with increased mottling and textured dimension.

When doing a JH Tone on Tone please be sure to let each coat dry completely overnight so the colors do not blend together.  After the first coat is applied, wait at least 12 hours to apply the lighter color.  This technique will enhance the beautiful mottled effect.Marcus and Coco used two shades of beige to create this warm textured living room wall design.  They primed their previously painted walls by rolling on one coat of JH Mineral Prime and then applied two coats of Lime Wall Paint.  First coat is 115 and second coat is 114 - both brushed on in a random criss cross pattern.