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Nothing can compare to the subtle, yet complex colors and finishes of Limewash Paint, where every color is hand-made. From the subtle suede-like soothing texture to the way light plays on the surface, your walls will come alive with a gorgeous depth you never thought possible. We have selected over 200 beautiful shades that will elevate your living space and create a designer look to every room.

As you will notice we have not named our paints using descriptive words. Instead we use numbers. We want the color to speak to you and evoke an emotion instead of subconsciously giving you any ideas. Jeremy learned how to paint from his dad and together they found the perfect beige which was “1015”. They would combine colors by number. This remains an important way for us to spark your curiosity and creativity using color. We hope you enjoy choosing paint numbers instead of names. In doing so maybe you can name your favorite color or like Jeremy and his dad, find the perfect shade and refer to it by number.

We offer free color matching to most national paint brand colors or we can custom match a color sample that you send in. Every batch is hand-crafted by our color matching experts.