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Synthetic vs. Natural Products: what’s the big deal?

Everyone knows about the environmental revolution that has swept our nation for over a decade.  People are growing more aware and interested in how to live an “eco-friendly” life.  In California where we live we have had a serious water shortage for years and have had to reduce our water usage and be more aware of how to prolong our water supply...and now with Covid-19 we want a healthy and hygienic lifestyle more than ever!  What started out as a trend has now become the manner in which we think….both personally and globally.  We want food without chemicals.  We want sunscreen without chemicals.  Now it is extending into the products we choose to use – from make up to everyday household products.

Do you ever get headaches or grow dizzy from the smell and odors of traditional paint?  Did you know that latex and acrylic paints emit chemicals into your home and living environment for months after you apply the paint?  This is called outgassing.  Something I know very well being a painting contractor’s wife.

The synthetic ingredients in paint usually cause some reaction in people that ingest the fumes.  For my kids and I we get headaches.  I have had to give up on painting with my boys because we would not feel well after painting one simple toy boat or bird house.  You can always open up a can of acrylic paint and smell heavy odors.  To me, that is the different between synthetic paint and natural paint – it’s all in the smell….well, and the performance – somehow natural paint feels better when brushing too.  The synthetic creaminess is gone and you get a flat sheen that allows you to do many different things.

Natural organic ingredients breath life into your home simply by the absence of chemicals.  They have a glow to them and modeling that cannot be duplicated with traditional paints.  They don’t have any synthetic odors so there are no physical side effects when using natural products.

I encourage you to try our Lime Wall Paint product line.  It comes in an array of beautiful colors.  If you want a natural paint with no synthetic chemicals and additives and no odors, give it a try.  It will actually improve the quality of your interior living space by the use of minerals and earth pigments.